Introducing EASY2REC 2.0
author By Diogo Palhais, April 27, 2015

EASY2REC makes screen recording easy. In just a couple of mouse clicks, you can capture anything you show on your computer screen in high definition, and share it with people. You can add your brand on your video and customize the video appearance to captivate your audience, all of this without need to be a computer or video expert. EASY2REC is the perfect tool for recording presentations, product demonstrations, software tutorials, and much more.

New Features

  • New clean and intuitive design;
  • New color scheme;
  • Portuguese language support;
  • New audio sources (Microphone, Speakers, Headphones);
  • New content sources (Single Window, Desktop, Easy2rec embed apps);
  • Status ribbon with recording specs;
  • Support to export up to 4K resolution;
  • New Drag and Drop customizer;
  • Audio merger allow to add a background audio/music to audio recorded;
  • Add intro and/or outro templates to your video;
  • Import/replace intro and/or outro audio/music;
  • Import your own intro and/or outro video;
  • Use filters to improve the video image;
  • Import/replace the main and second footage to export;
  • Customize the background color, video positions and sizes;
  • Import or choose the background image from our templates;
  • Import your brand logo and add it to the video;
  • And much moore…