User Guide and Steps

View the main features and steps to get you video done in minutes


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Record Basic's

This is the main window to perform your recordings. You can make various types of videos just select what you want to record. For that you need to choose the:

  • Audio Capture Device (1) like Microphone, Speaskers or Headphones.
  • Video Device Capture (2) like Webcam or any video camera connected to your computer.
  • Content Capture Source (3) like E2R built in apps, all desktop or one single window.
When you have selected the settings properly just hit “Start Record”.


Preview Recorded Footage

Now they will be loaded the recorded footage where we can through drag and drop drag to the desired location and preview how it looks on the chosen resolution.


Customize Video

In this step can customize various aspects such as the size of the elements, add background music, add a background image, choose the background color, insert intro and outro templates and even add filters. All very intuitive and easy to use.


Export Process

During the export process you do not need to make any intervention and will be faster or slower depending on the elements it introduced and the duration and quality of the loaded videos.



When the export finishes click “Save Video”. Give the desired name to the video and select where do you want to save. That’s it! View your video ready and you can publish and share it with your audience in platforms like Youtube, Vimeo or even Facebook.